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Say Goodbye to Dull Skin with the DiamondGlow® Facial!

2024 is here, and that means it's resolution time! While many go for the usual goals like eating better and working out, let's not overlook the most crucial one—prioritizing yourself! A simple way to do that is by giving your skin some love. To keep your skin looking flawless, make it easy by setting aside time once a month to schedule a facial. At Tighten It Spa, we swear by the DiamondGlow® facial. It's like magic for your skin and the perfect way to get that glow in 2024! ✨

What is a DiamondGlow® Facial? 

A DiamondGlow® facial is a 3-in-1 treatment that goes beyond the traditional facial experience. Unlike wet facial treatments that rely on surface-level chemical exfoliation, DiamondGlow® takes skincare to the next level. Its recessed diamond tip wand, works its magic on the full face, neck, and chest, providing a resurfacing treatment that deeply cleanses and rejuvenates the skin.

One of Joyce’s favorite treatments that we offer at Tighten It Spa is the DiamondGlow® facial! She loves the way her skin feels after the treatment so makes it a priority to get one each month!

It’s an advanced facial treatment unlike any other due to its diamond-tipped exfoliation, vacuum extraction, and medical serum infusion process! The DiamondGlow is a manual exfoliation, meaning we are truly getting all of those dead cells off of the superficial layer of your face. The dermal infusion process vacuums the impurities from your pores while infusing your skin with SkinMedica® serums. Each DiamondGlow® is tailored to the needs of our patients and their skin’s needs and preferences. We offer multiple variations from Pore Cleansing serums for someone dealing with acne or congested skin, to Hyaluronic Acid serums for skin-craving hydration, and to skin Brightening Vitamin C serums for tired skin that needs both hydration and brightening. 

Everyone is a candidate and DESERVES a DiamondGlow® treatment! It’s unlike any other facial. If you took advantage of getting laser this winter, we highly recommend treating yourself to a DiamondGlow® facial about a month after your laser treatment. This tandem approach enhances the overall results of your laser by exfoliating your skin, promoting smoother texture, improving tone, and giving you a more radiant complexion. Check out our before and after pictures to see the benefits yourself!

DiamondGlow® vs. HydraFacial ™

When looking at facials, the most popular are the DiamondGlow® and the Hydrafacial™. Both the DiamondGlow® and the Hydrafacial™ leave your skin feeling brighter and leave you with amazing results. At Tighten It Spa, we love and choose the Diamond Glow® because of the added exfoliation benefits! The DiamondGlow® is a unique mode of exfoliation where we can use an adjustable grit on the diamond tip so we are really able to get in there and take off those dead skin cells that dull the top layer of your skin!

If you’re ready to start your New Year off on the right foot by taking care of your skin, text us at (916) 792-0772 to book your appointment today! If you want more information about what we do at Tighten It Spa, check out our services page, or don’t be afraid to contact us! We are a premier medical spa servicing the greater Sacramento area with two locations in Roseville, one at The Fountains and the other at Village Westpark.

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