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Laser Hair Removal

Tired of shaving every day?  Us too. Try laser hair removal and give yourself a break. Plus the cost of razors each week....Laser is worth it! During laser hair removal, a laser emits light that is absorbed by the pigment in the hair. The light energy is converted to heat, which damages the hair follicles that produce hairs. This damage inhibits the hair growth of active hair follicles.

Areas Treated

  • Lip/chin

  • Bikini

  • Brazilian

  • Lower arms

  • Lower legs


Package options are available.

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The Treatment

Appointment Preparation

  • The skin should be cleaned and shaven before every treatment.

  • Avoid the sun for at least 2 weeks before treatment. Epidermal melanocytes compete with melanin in the hair.

  • RECENTLY TANNED SKIN CANNOT BE TREATED! If treated within 2 weeks of active (natural sunlight or tanning booth) tanning, you may develop hypo- or hyperpigmentation (light or dark spots) after treatment and this may not clear for 2-3 months or longer.

  • The use of self-tanning skin products must be discontinued one week before treatment. Any residual self-tanner should be removed before treatment.

  • You MUST avoid bleaching, plucking, or waxing hairs for 2-3 weeks before treatment. The melanin-containing hair must be present in the follicle as it is the “target” for the laser light.

  • If you have had a history of perioral or genital herpes, your nurse may recommend prophylactic antiviral therapy. Follow the directions for your particular antiviral medication.

  • Your nurse may ask you to stop any topical medications or skin products 3-5 days before treatment.

  • Antibiotics and some medications make your skin more sensitive to the laser. You must wait 10 days after your last dose of antibiotics to be safely treated. Please speak with your service provider about any other photosensitizing medications.

Your Appointment

Your skin might be red, swollen, or a little tender after laser hair removal. You can use a cold compress on the treated area. Don’t expose the treated area to natural or artificial sunlight. You should be able to go back to normal activities right away.


The Results
Laser hair removal affects only the hair follicles that are active at the time of the treatment. Because hair grows in cycles, multiple treatments are needed to stop all or the majority of follicles from producing hair.

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Before & After

Laser Hair Removal, chin, underarm

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